Hello There! I'm Kelsey.
I'm professional yet outgoing, relaxed but driven, and a fast learner in any environment presented before me. Creative by trade, highly organized, strong communicator, and presenter to my employers team or directly to our clients. My passion is visually communicating with peers and clients from observations around me and my strong influence from art history. As a designer, I feel compelled to create thoroughly thought out concepts. I see my solutions presented as an "outdoor art gallery" one could see on a daily basis. Art and design have always been a significant part of my life. From finger painting award winning canvases to the present day of the commercial art world. My work focuses on paying close attention to detail from selecting the correct typography choices, illustration style, Pantone® color palettes, solidified placement for type and image, and how it effects the overall feelings one gets from viewing my work. Thank you so very much for taking the time to view and read my portfolio! My goals as a graphic designer are to constantly continue learning, and grow as a creative using, expanding, and toning my skills to benefit my employers team, and shine through my work. 
"When you have the passion, the rest becomes natural."
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