Stop sitting on the couch rotting your brain away in front of the television. Give your brain a workout with “FUSE”. It’s a modern day Scrabble game with a new twist, a memory challenge. You can choose to play like a sinner or a saint. You play defense and stop others from completing their words, go on the offense and create words as fast as you can. FUSE is also a great tool for learning new vocabulary and to improve your spelling skills. “Flip to find, Switch and bind. And let the good times roll!” This board game was created in collaboration with a classmate graphic designer. Here it was decided the branding for this game should mimic the tiers of the actual game itself, and the minimalistic color pallet of black, clear, and green was chosen to make this product stand out on retail shelves. The game along with its packaging is created from acrylic plastic, with rub on vinyl transfer graphics. There is also a mobile app game which focuses on the 3D tier aspect as well. For the tablet game, one can play against another opponent on the same iPad, or online. One can also use the chat screen to communicate with their opponents while playing the game. The website is promotional based with a game play link to take the viewer to the Apple App Store®.
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