As an employee of Placer County, and the creative property of the County, I cannot share images of work from these projects/description list below due to confidentiality. However, during my time of work there, I created these designs and assisted in these campaigns: 
"Placer" Logo (public photo below): 
-The original re-design of the Placer Logo, from sketches to final execution
-Shirts and "Swag" Campaign, with the redesign logo printed on them from Vistaprint
-Web-O-Lution Campaign, Website Redesign Placer County Home Page Concept, Letterheads.
-Economic Development Breakfast Event:  the Invites, Presentation, Name Badges
-Annual Employee Picnic Campaign: Booth Design+Announcement Posters+Golden Ticket Invites+Banners+Postcards Survey after the campaign
-Ironman Lake Tahoe Employee Volunteer Event:  Vest Designs+EZ Up Tent Design+Name Badges
-New Placer County Employee ID Badges Concept to final execution
Placer County Health Care Reform Logo Design
Placer County Central Services Division: Logo Design+Calendar+NotePads+ContactSheet+Letterhead
Placer County Education Fair: Passport, Poster, and Cards
Pacer County Races Speedway Employee Fan Apprication Night: Poster
Placer County North Lake Tahoe and Sunset Industrial Area: Brochures
Organization Development Word Grouping for Training and Learning: Posters
PLacer@Work Newsletter+redesign

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